About Us

lThe Kilgore Community Concert Association was founded in 1947 and has offered memberships for a variety of instrumental music, vocalists, dance and uncategorized live performances.  Typically, we have 4-6 concerts per year for a seasonal subscription. The season begins in the fall (usually September) and concludes in the spring (usually March).

Concerts are held in Dodson Auditorium on the Kilgore College campus. Generous donations from members and friends have made us able to keep membership cost at a reasonable cost for everyone.

The Association is non-profit with an all volunteer Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring quality live entertainment to the area for a reasonable price.  When it is possible, we have a performance (matinee or master’s class) for our local schools. The school to receive the performance is selected by the superintendent of Kilgore Schools.

Meet the Kilgore Community Concert Association Board of Directors

  • PresidentJohn Bolton
  • 1st Vice President James Draper
  • 2nd Vice-President-Campaign Chairman Wanda Bittick
  • 3rd Vice-President-Hospitality B.J. and Martha Clark
  • Secretary Candee Collins
  • Treasurer Leslie Phillips
  • MembershipCarroll Bolton
  • Past President Claud Wallace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Bittick
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Bolton
  • Mr. James Draper
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bobby J. Clark
  • Mrs. Greg Collins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Conner
  • Mrs. Dan Goodwin, Jr.
  • Mrs. Buddy Hinton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Hunt (Henderson)
  • Mrs. Lavelle Jenkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones
  • Mrs. Ines Lancaster (Marshall)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wade Pipkin
  • Mrs. Marion Richardson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
  • Mrs. Leslie Phillips
  • Mr. and Mrs. Claud Wallace
  • Mrs. Randolph Watson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles Whiteside
  • Mr. and Mrs. Archie Whitfield
  • Mr. and. Mrs. Bill Woodall
  • John Whitehead and Debbie Dane